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Health-Giving Vapors in the Finnish Sauna

Active and health-conscious people are aware of the pleasant and health-giving effects of the sauna. Sitting in the sauna and breathing in the hot vapors stimulates the body’s immune system and has an overall beneficial effect. 

We Recommend a Visit to the Sauna after Hiking or Skiing

What better way to crown an exciting day of skiing and/or hiking than a relaxing visit to the sauna? In any case, we recommend that you visit our sauna: It warms up tired muscles, stimulates the circulatory system, and helps build up your appetite. It’s an all-around pleasant and healthful experience!

Direct Access to the Great Outdoors

Nothing is more refreshing that a visit to the sauna and then, directly afterwards, a pleasant stroll in the fresh air. At the Hotel Residence Pustertalerhof, you have direct access from the Finnish sauna to the great outdoors. In the summer, you can stroll over to the natural bathing pool; in the wintertime, you have direct access to the cooling snow!
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