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Design Apartment

2-6 Persons approx. 70 m²

Designer apartment by multi-award-winning architect Stefan Hitthaler based on drawings by Parisian artist Sylvie Riant with separate entrance hall, two separate rooms and verandas as well as a loggia with views of our biological natural outdoor swimming pond. The apartment benefits from two separate rooms with a King size bed and a King size four-poster bed as well as individually made designer furniture. The two bathrooms are equipped with sink, toilet, bidet, hair dryer, a walk-in shower and bathtub. The apartment also offers a fully equipped kitchen and eating corner.

The artist talks about the unique four-poster beds:
"Swinging: I would like to swing. I no longer do it. Because I am too old. I only swing like this, for myself, in my head and caress the old feeling with pleasure. There is a bed in the room, a metal bed, fixed to the wall and the ceiling. A minimalist four-poster bed, and the bed swings! There’s a child living within me. But not everyone needs to know this. "
4/27/2020 - 5/29/2020
5/30/2020 - 6/13/2020
6/14/2020 - 7/3/2020
7/4/2020 - 7/31/2020
8/1/2020 - 8/29/2020
8/30/2020 - 9/18/2020
9/19/2020 - 10/23/2020
10/24/2020 - 11/1/2020
2/1/2020 - 2/28/2020
2/29/2020 - 4/3/2020
4/4/2020 - 4/18/2020
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